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                         Full Mouth Rehabilitation for Pediatric Patients

Dr. Mahvash Khajavi-Harvey

Dr. Harvey

Seattle, WA Pedodontist

Urban Dental Group

At Urban Dental, Dr. Harvey is happy to be able to provide full mouth dentistry (rehabilitation) for children, who, otherwise could not successfully be seen in an ordinary dental office, or even a pediatric office or clinic

There are occasions when a child is unable to accept regular dental care in a traditional setting. These could be: 

*tender age (2 yrs. – 7 yrs.)

*sheer amount of work needing to be done (over 8 procedures)

*child is fearful, or has maladaptive behavior, has been abused, orally. (No age limit)

*underlying disability that will not allow for full cooperation (e.g., some neuromuscular disorders, some ADD/ADHD cases, Cerebral Palsy, physical limitations, certain emotional conditions, etc. No age limit.)

*child is in extreme pain, may need a series of extractions, or has multiple infections that need to be treated. (No age limit)

In these cases, it is prudent to treat a child with airway protection (general anesthesia) while he/she is asleep (administered by a licensed MD who has specialized in anesthesia). An IV for hydration and easy access for medications necessary for the procedure, is placed, once the child is asleep.  

In a healthy child, general anesthesia is more predictable/reliable than administering a pill for conscious sedation, since with general anesthesia, the child is monitored with IV and airway support throughout the whole procedure. The child would fully wake up in the recovery room prior to going home.

Often, once the procedures are accomplished, the child is returned to his/her normal dental office for continuing care.

Normally, a consultation with the parents/ guardians and child will occur before a date for the surgery is chosen. An appointment with the child’s pediatrician or family physician will be required after that consultation to produce a History and Physical Exam, and proper clearance from the child’s physician for general anesthesia. These exams are time sensitive.

Costs for this treatment include:

*The normal cost of doing the x-rays, dental exam, cleaning, fillings, pulpotomies, Stainless Steel crowns, or aesthetic anterior crowns, or extractions, for example. The extent necessarily, in most cases, will be determined by examination, and finalized during surgery when x-rays are taken.

*surgeon’s fee based on time. (Short, uncomplicated cases run 2 hrs. Long cases run 3-4 hrs.)  

*anesthesiologist’s fee based on time and supplies.

Estimates are given to help in planning care for your child. Financial arrangements must be completed prior to scheduling the surgery, as it requires coordination of dental, medical, and nursing professionals. If you would like to discuss this with Dr. Helmich, please feel free to call the office, and if she is not readily available, she will return your call at one of several times you indicate will work for you.

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