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The American College of Prosthodontists reports that about 35 million Americans are suffering from complete tooth loss. As if this wasn’t scary enough, an even higher number—178 millions—of Americans are missing at least one tooth. They also predict that this number will only increase over the next twenty years. So it seems that tooth loss is a serious and common condition. It can cause serious issues for your mouth including bone loss and changes to the structure of your face.

However, you have options. Dentures have been around for years and have given people back their smiles. If you’re considering getting dentures from the team at Urban Dental Group, then find out what advantages this oral prosthetic can offer you.

Step-Up Your Confidence
Whether needing partial or complete dentures, this benefit remains the same. First and foremost you’ll get a full set of teeth again. This is certainly a boost to your self-confidence, as you can eat comfortably in public and talk with friends without worrying that they are noticing your missing teeth. Dentures have been giving our Seattle area patients the confidence they need to enjoy all the benefits that smiling affords.

Look Younger

This might sound a bit hard to believe but when you are suffering from tooth loss you can start to lose bone density. This means that over time your face will begin to cave in. You may notice your cheeks have sunken in more since losing your teeth, which can prematurely age you; however, dentures can give your face fullness, volume, and shape once again by supporting the muscles of the face.

A Cost-Effective Solution

For those looking to save some money on dental treatments, you will be happy to hear that dentures are still one of the most cost-effective ways to replace missing teeth. For those who do want to take charge of their oral health but don’t want to stress over the financial expense, dentures can promise to replace your missing teeth without going beyond your budget.

These are only some benefits you’ll enjoy when you turn to our Seattle dentists for dentures.
Call Urban Dental Group in Seattle at (206) 686-8800 to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for dentures!

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