Sleep Apnea

Do you snore? Are you often tired? Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you often wake up feeling unrefreshed in the morning? You might be suffering from sleep disturbed breathing which encompasses conditions from mouthbreathing, snoring to Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder that affects millions of Americans. Over 85 % of people with Sleep Apnea don’t know they have it. It can affect anyone, both children and adults, although it is more common in men and obese patients. It occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted at night when they’re sleeping. If left untreated it can contribute to other serious illnesses such as Hypertension, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, ED, Depression, behavioral issues, etc. Untreated sleep apnea patients generated twice the healthcare cost as those that have received therapy. Corrective treatments are available as an alternative to C-PAP. As dentists, we are in the best capacity to help and provide alternative treatments to help reduce the symptom if not correct it to help improve the quality of life by allowing you to get the quality of sleep that your body deserves. We would be more than happy to discuss these treatment options for you and your family.

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